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CASRAI invited to attend altmetrics12

Posted by Asha Law on Wed, 2012-05-16 10:03

David Baker, CASRAI Executive Director has been invited to attend the upcoming altmetrics12 workshop on June 21 in Chicago.

From the altmetric12s workshop website: "Increasing scholarly use of Web2.0 tools like Mendeley,, Twitter, and blog-style article commenting presents an opportunity to track scholarly impact in novel ways. Metrics based on this diverse set of Web sources could yield broader, richer, and more timely assessments of current and potential scholarly impact. Realizing this, many authors have begun to investigate these altmetrics, and growing numbers of publishers, funders, and tool-makers are putting altmetrics to practical use."

This almetrics12 workshop, a follow-up to the successful altmetrics11, will encourage collaboration and cross-pollination between research and practice, combining academic paper presentations with a tech demo showcase and small-group discussions.

CASRAI is interested to see the concepts inherent in these emerging approaches reflected in the common global dictionary.

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