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Session Snapshot: Can the Occupation of Impact Survive the Allure of Incentives?

Posted by Asha Law on Tue, 2012-10-02 10:13

Gregg Gordon, President & CEO of The Social Science Research Network and Jennifer Lin, Product Manager of PLOS, will discuss that almost everyone searching for digital content today becomes frustrated with the ever growing mountain of information overabundance, at Reconnect12:

Altmetrics: Gaming Undermines the Occupation

Session Abstract: Almost everyone searching for digital content today becomes frustrated with the ever growing mountain of information overabundance. Creating and sharing content has never been easier. While this is a boon for scholars and other creators, those of us sifting through more content than search engines can manage are often left asking ourselves if there isn't a better way. Adrift in more and more of the same, we lack exposure to truly fresh information and the opportunity to create new innovative research faster. Searching and accessing the right content, in the right place, and at the right time, is the primary issue. And how can we occupy this vast landscape without undermining the societal benefits?

Based on their experiences at SSRN and PLoS, Gregg Gordon, CEO of SSRN, the #1 scholarly information repository, and Jennifer Lin, Product Manager at PLoS, the largest Open Access publisher in the world, discuss their experiences tackling massive sets of information, strategies for using metrics to navigate the landscape, and their concerns about incentives and immediate gratification.

Gregg Gordon, President & CEO, The Social Science Research Network
Gregory J. Gordon is President and CEO of Social Science Research Network (SSRN), a leading multi-disciplinary online repository of working and accepted paper research in the social sciences and humanities. Currently the Number One repository in the world, SSRN provides a variety of electronic distribution and related services to help scholars create innovative research.

SSRN is focused on the high quality, rapid, electronic delivery of scholarly research at the lowest possible cost. More importantly, SSRN is working with scholars to find innovative ways to reduce the researchers time finding relevant material, provide easy access interdisciplinary content, and accelerate the cycle of research. Its eLibrary database has close to 450,000 papers from over 200,000 authors and users have downloaded over 58,000,000 full text papers since inception.

Prior to helping Michael C. Jensen found SSRN in 1994, he worked at KPMG and two entrepreneurial companies in technology and health care. Gregg speaks around the world and writes regularly about scholarly research and the changes needed to create innovative research faster.

Jennifer Lin, Product Manager, PLOS
Jennifer Lin is a Product Manager at PLOS. She passionate about open access and its political and social impacts. As a former business consultant with Accenture, she worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as governments to develop and deploy new products and services. Jennifer received her Ph.D. in political philosophy and has served as an instructor at Johns Hopkins University.