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ABC Program Committee

Welcome to the Admin Burden in Canada (ABC) initiative. ABC is a initiative led by the Canadian chapter of CASRAI with national partners CARA, CAUBO, CAGS, CARL, CAREB, and Polytechnics Canada with the goal of reducing undue administrative burden within the Canadian research life-cycle. 

There are many different dimensions of burden and the issue spans multiple organizations including post-secondary education institutions, federally funded departments and agencies, regulatory bodies, and standards setting organizations, among others. ABC leadership has started by identifying 7 key thematic thrusts which cover the scope of undue admin burden throughout the research life-cycle:

  • Personnel Recruitment: e.g. international recruitment, work permits, etc
  • Program Design: e.g eligibility, applications, deadlines etc
  • Financial Compliance: reporting, monitoring and audit
  • Non-Financial Compliance: e.g human and animal ethics, controlled goods, etc
  • Post-Award Management: e.g. negotiation of funding agreements, inter-institutional transfers, project changes
  • Reporting: Progress/Performance/Impact
  • Scholarly Communications: e.g. open access, open data

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