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IRIDIUM Glossary WG 2017

The International Research Data Management Glossary (IRiDiuM) is meant to be a practical reference for individuals and working groups concerned with the improvement of research data management, and as a meeting place for further discussion and development of terms. The aim is to create a stable and sustainably governed glossary of community accepted terms and definitions, and to keep it relevant by maintaining it as a ‘living document’ that is updated when necessary.

Definitions should be clear and unambiguous, and where possible, fit with common usage. Definitions should be apposite across research data management activities of key stakeholders, including, but not limited to: researchers/authors, research management, research policy, computer science, IM/IT, research administration, libraries; scholarly publishers, and research funders. Some terms may have more than one definition, in which case the relevant context should be specified.

The WG will deliver a draft glossary with a first set of terms & definitions for open review and comment by the wider community before publication in the CASRAI dictionary.

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