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Help sustain and govern our work

CASRAI is a non-profit organization made up of national chapters sustained by annual fees paid by Member and Partner organizations. CASRAI Members and Partners typically join a single chapter and the fees below are “per chapter”.​ As all CASRAI standards are meant for broad international adoption, Members and Partners from any chapter can actively engage in the work of any other chapter without added fees. But only Members and Partners have governance privileges in the chapter(s) they help support with annual fees.

Note: the CASRAI shared international office is located in Canada so all fees below are in Canadian dollars​.

Become a Chapter Member

Membership in CASRAI is open to research-performing organizations ​(academic or government) in any country. This includes academic institutions like universities, colleges, research centres, teaching hospitals, etc. and also government science departments like environment, agriculture, fisheries/oceans, etc. The membership fee is determined by the annual research budget of the organization. The fee is $1,000 per year for most research-performing organizations. Larger institutions pay $2,500 per year and smaller organizations pay $250 per year. Size is measured by research budget; a large organization is in the top 10% in its country and a small organization is in the bottom 10%.

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Become a Chapter Partner

Partnership in CASRAI is open to Associations, Funders (government or foundation), Innovation Policy Organizations, Software Solutions and Scholarly Journals. Partners make modest annual financial contributions to help sustain CASRAI work and participate directly in the standards development process. Partners join the chapter(s) most applicable to their jurisdiction (in the case of funders and policy Partners) or market (in the case of Software Solutions and Journals). Financial contributions shown below are ‘per-chapter'.

  1. Research Funder​/Policy partners​ are asked to make an annual sustaining contribution. The fee is $10,000 for the largest funding organizations in the country, $5,000 for mid size funders and $2,500 for very small funders;
  2. Software Solution​ partners​ are asked to make an annual sustaining contribution.The contribution is scaled - $3,000​ for a solution that is owned by a multinational parent company and $1,500​ for stand-alone, independent solutions active in fewer than 3 national markets. The fee is negotiable for non-profit or ‘pre-revenue’ providers. A 20% discount is applied when multiple providers from one multinational parent join as a cluster;
  3. Scholarly Journal​ partners​ are asked to make an annual sustaining contribution, that is normally $1,000​ per journal up to a maximum per publisher of $5,000​ (after which a sliding scale is applied for each additional journal). The fee is negotiable for NFP and small publishers;
  4. Association​ partners​ are asked to make an annual sustaining contribution of $500 (national non-profits) or $1,000​ (international non-profits).

As stated above CASRAI is a organized into national chapters. Research Funder/Policy and Association Partners typically join a single chapter and are entitled to a seat on at the Steering Table of that national chapter. Software Solution Providers and Journals typically have a market interest in multiple chapters. Seats at the applicable chapter Steering Tables are also offered to those Software and Journal partners that join.

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