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Funding Awards Pilot


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Activity: Pilot Implementation of Standard Funding Awards Announcements by Funders

Sponsored and led by the CASRAI-CA National Chapter

The intent of this form is to help organize and collect support, feedback and volunteers prior to finalising planning for this standards work. Your participation in this outreach process will contribute to the success of this work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Issue Statement

Like most institutions, the University of Toronto tracks the success of its applications in a research information database. Accurately tracking the approximately 3500 applications submitted by U of T investigators each year and setting up new accounts is both time sensitive and time consuming. As everyone who has worked in a research office knows, the pressure to provide instantaneous analysis for major competitions and access to new accounts is enormous. With approximately 3500 applications every year this is no small feat for an institution like the U of T. Looking at the two year period April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2011, of the 652 unique sponsors to which applications were submitted by University researchers, only 7 sponsors received in excess of 100 applications in a year from the University. Unfortunately not all these sponsors provide competition results in an electronic format to the University, and of the sponsors that do, not all provide results for all programs in a format that is amenable to an automatic upload of results. Nonetheless, even with these restrictions in mind, it was determined that between 25% and 50% of the results which the University receives could eventually be handled by automatic upload. Using conservative estimates of the amount of time taken to manually update results in the system and set up new accounts, this would translate into a potential annual time saving for research office staff of 218 hours at the low end, to 436 hours at the high end, or approximately 6 to 12 weeks of savings overall. This activity will pilot the automatic publishing of research awards by funders in a CASRAI-standard format (CRIS-X, see below activity) to enable research institutions to automatically upload these awards into their local systems.

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