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CRIS-X Exchange Format


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Activity: CRIS-X XML Data Exchange Format Standard

Sponsored and led by the CASRAI-CA National Chapter

The intent of this form is to help organize and collect support, feedback and volunteers prior to finalising planning for this standards work. Your participation in this outreach process will contribute to the success of this work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Issue Statement

In order to facilitate the implementation of CASRAI-compliant research information exchanges between stakeholders, e.g. a funding agency and a university, a suitable data standard that enables data exchange between information systems is needed. This would save implementers having to craft their own or each learn a different format for supporting CASRAI exchanges. XML and JSON are common choices for enterprise to enterprise computing. We have chosen to start with XML in the CRIS-X format until JSON toolsets and validators are more mainstream. We anticipate developing a CRIS-J format when the tools and community demand make this feasible. We have held back releasing this new format for community adoption and evolution while we explored whether the CERIF-XML format would be suited to CASRAI exchanges. We have since found that CERIF-XML is not an ideal fit and so we are launching CRIS-X to suit the needs of CASRAI research information exchanges. We understand EuroCRIS (a CASRAI partner) is exploring a new version of CERIF-XML and we will actively monitor their progress. In the meantime there is a need, and room for, two nonprofit-governed XML standard exchange formats for research information.

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