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Implementation Stories


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Activity: Promoting Implementation Stories

Sponsored and led by the CASRAI Board and Secretariat

The intent of this form is to collect your stories of implementing CASRAI standards so we can organize webinars and other promotional activities to showcase your work. Your participation in this outreach process will contribute to the success of this effort. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Call for Stories

CASRAI standard information agreements are intended to help solve the related problems of (a) growing administrative burden on researchers and their institutions and (b) the quality and accessibility of research information. In order for these benefits to accrue to the research community the standard agreements must be adopted and implemented in local software systems, databases and portals. The purpose of this segment of the Open Call is to gather your implementation stories and actively promote them.

If your organization has implemented a CASRAI Standard Information Agreement please complete the short form below. We want to promote your implementation and experience and use it to help others who are planning implementations. CASRAI will publish your stories and will coordinate a series of free and open webinars to showcase your work. As an example, the CASRAI CRediT standard information agreement on classifying contributions made to research outputs is gaining momentum in article submission systems and workflows at scholarly publishers.

Call Questions

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