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IRIDIUM Glossary


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Activity: Standard Glossary for Research Data Management (IRIDIUM)

Sponsored and led in partnership with CODATA, Research Data Canada (other national services welcome)

The intent of this form is to help organize and collect support, feedback and volunteers prior to finalizing planning for this standards work. Your participation in this outreach process will contribute to the success of this work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Issue Statement

Improvement of research data management is a rapidly developing field that is increasingly recognized as a key element in advancing research and innovation in government, academic, and private sectors. A major difficulty in any newly emerging field is the lack of consistent terminology and precise, definitive definitions of these terms. Such a complex endeavour involving people and technologies from different fields, and transcending each of those fields, requires a standardization and harmonization of terms and definitions used. Currently, there is no formal international standard for terminology in the field of research data management, although some standards contain some relevant terms. In the meantime, there is a pressing need for a common, practical vocabulary. The aim of this activity is to advance a stable and sustainably governed international glossary of community accepted terms and definitions, and to keep it relevant by maintaining it as a ‘living reference’ that is updated as necessary.

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