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Research Outputs\Outcomes Reporting Activity


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Activity: Standard Glossary and Document Formats for Research Outputs\Outcomes Reporting

Sponsored and led by the CASRAI-UK National Chapter

The intent of this form is to help organize and collect support, feedback and volunteers prior to finalising planning for this standards work. Your participation in this outreach process will contribute to the success of this work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Issue Statement

The efficiency and effectiveness of outputs and outcomes reporting to UK research funders could be improved in a number of ways. Researchers are suffering greater levels of administrative burden through duplication in the systems they must use to report their research outputs. Research institutions and funders are frustrated by the inconsistent quality of information. This activity will take a first step toward solving some of these issue by way of standard information agreements between research institutions and research funders for reporting research outputs and outcomes. The goal will be to identify a subset of priority output types (going beyond publications) and to develop standard terms and exchange templates.

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