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Program to Develop Prototypes for Demonstration of Standards-based Exchanges

Posted by David Baker on Thu, 2012-08-02 14:52

CASRAI ( is an international non-profit standards development organization for the research and development domain. It is a part of our mandate to demonstrate new methods of data management and exchange for researchers, institutions and funding agencies and to inspire new software solutions in the marketplace. To this end we are starting a paid part-time program for under-graduate or graduate students (and others with applicable skills and knowledge of the research domain) with a variety of software coding skills to help us collaboratively develop specified prototypes (for demonstration purposes only, non-production) of web, mobile and desktop software that shows the potential for standards-based productivity for stakeholders in the research community.

Skills sought:

  • For web-based prototypes we already have hosting capacities for MySQL, SQLite, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, XML and Drupal.

  • For mobile prototypes we have no set capacities and are open to suggested platforms. Our preference, for budget reasons, would be mobile-web or cross platform frameworks.

  • For desktop prototypes we are open to framework suggestions but would like the capacity to develop FireFox add-ons and, perhaps Firefox-based desktop software.

We do not need candidates with experience in all the above but will consider candidates with one or more areas of skills.

We will employ 'lightweight' and agile practices and (because the prototypes are not intended for production use) we will favour speed and simplicity of development over architectural robustness. The prototypes must function properly for the user but need not scale nor be relied upon for mission-critical processes.

Successful candidates will work a part-time, paid, 3-month trial term, with flexible hours, from their own location and 'telework' with other team members via web, email and skype. Candidates supply their own supporting equipment, tools and internet connection.

CASRAI also develops and maintains various web-based systems for its operations. The most promising candidates may be offered more hours working on some of these systems also.

English language capacity is essential.

Please apply to, attaching a resume (reflecting your applicable skills) and a cover note conveying your specific interest in, and suitability to, this program.


Is it possible for the work completed under this program to have open source licensing, so that the project can be continued after the 3 month period, regardless of your organization's decision to pursue the project?