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Results To Date

Since its founding in 2006, the CASRAI global community has developed over 120 agreed report format templates encompassing over 1,700 agreed terms and definitions for key information used by funders, institutions and publishers in managing research information across the entire research life­cycle (pre­-award, adjudication, project management, scholarly communications, research data manage

ment and impact reporting). Some highlighted standard information agreements produced by CASRAI activities:

Report formats​

The standard information agreements on what information is required, in what order and under what rules. Examples:


The standard information agreements on the shared meaning of the information elements included in the above report formats. These are important as they serve as the foundation upon which a distributed community of stakeholders can discuss information requirements unambiguously. Examples:

Pick Lists / Taxonomies for Data Entry​

The standard information agreements on the various lists we all use when information is being collected. Examples:

In addition, CASRAI has innovated on a proposed industry­ standard canonical XML technology format to help software suppliers understand the structure of CASRAI standard information agreements produce by user groups in our annual process.