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Open Access Glossary WG 2017

Open access to publications is a key component of the modern research ecosystem, but the international community lacks a clear and unambiguous shared understanding of the key terminology. Several possible inputs exist but need cross reference, and any gaps of confusion should be addressed. This activity would identify a subset of open access terms that are currently causing the most confusion and, through a diverse Working Group of international subject experts, develop agreed definitions for the CASRAI dictionary.

The CASRAI-UK Open Access Working Group (UK-OA-WG) aims to start a standard glossary of terms pertinent to open access (OA) and publications (including journal articles, conference papers, monographs and similar ‘text-’ or ‘book-like’ outputs). This piece of work is not concerned with definitions specific to other research outputs e.g. datasets. Terms will be matched, merged, mapped, and de-duplicated (ie. ‘see also’) as well as a draft standard definition published and maintained for each term. Definitions should be clear and unambiguous, and where possible, fit with common usage. Definitions should be apposite across the OA activities of key stakeholders, including, but not limited to: researchers/authors; Higher Education Institutional research administration; libraries; scholarly publishers; research funders; etc. The WG will deliver a draft glossary with a first set of terms and definitions for open review and comment by the wider community, before publication in the CASRAI dictionary.

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