CASRAI part of $2mil in funding for RDM tool support in Canada

CANARIE recently announced $2 million in funding to support Canadian researchers’ access to the data management tools and services that facilitate the reuse of research data.

CASRAI will be working along with CARL Portage and the University of Alberta to advance an easy-to-use online tool that facilitates the creation of data management plans (DMP).

The CASRAI role in this year-long project builds on the ground-breaking work we did in the UK with the Digital Curation Centre to produce a system-agnostic template DMP for ethics review.

Working with CARL Portage we will be producing various additional DMP templates that define what information needs to be included to support the various business processes that require DMPs as input. We will also update our online RDM Glossary with any new terms needed to better understand the template contents and concepts.

We are proud to be included in this project and are looking forward to the outcomes. Stay tuned to this space progress updates and a Request for Comments.