Computer systems

The application of computer systems knowledge to the planning, development, installation and maintenance of information technology processing systems to manage, administer or support programs and activities. SYNONYM. CS. RELATED TERM. Science, Technology, Applied science, Health Science, Physical science, Engineering and scientific supportActivities include the: (a) Conduct of analyses and design and programming activities for the development, implementation and maintenance of administrative, scientific and technological information processing systems; and the customization and maintenance of generalized application software and system software packages; (b) Conduct and control of emergency repairs to application and system software; (c) Analysis and design of business systems and supporting infrastructures and the construction and maintenance of the related software; (d) Design, implementation, installation and servicing of databases and database software, the control of the integrity, security and modification of the databases and the provision of database recovery/backup facilities; (e) Capacity management, configuration, performance measurement and optimization of hardware, software and network systems; (f) Development, application or enforcement of standards and procedures, and quality assurance pertaining to information technology processing systems and activities; (g) Development and conduct or determination of the: (i) technical evaluation of information technology processing systems; (ii) technical specifications for the evaluation, testing, acquisition, installation and acceptance of information technology processing goods and services, such as computer system and related hardware, computer or computer network hardware and software; and, (iii) associated support services; (h) Provision of advice and consultation on information technology processing systems, facilities and applications including the evaluation of the technical security of these systems; (i) Conduct of planning and research into existing and future information technology processing systems capacity, capability, applications and requirements; (j) Development and delivery of training programs in the above activities; and, (k) Leadership of any of the above activities.

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