Data exchange

One approach to data sharing that takes data structured under a source schema and transforms it into data structured under a target schema and transferring the transformed data from a source system residing at the sending stakeholder to a target system residing at a receiving stakeholder.

The transformed data can then be locally stored, processed and analyzed independently by either stakeholder without requiring a live or real-time connection between their systems. The exchanged data should be as accurate a representation of the source data as possible; business standards for the meaning and structure of the data elements, as well as technology standards for the transport of the data aid in achieving accuracy. Data exchange assumes that the exchanging stakeholders have appropriate sharing rights for accessing the data being exchanged. Data exchange stakeholders in a common sector (e.g. insurance, policing, or research) can lower the risk/cost and raise the quality/dependability of data exchanges by adopting a sector-specific standards setting consortia and maintaining both a standard target schema and a standard transport layer.