Data publication

The release of research data, associated metadata, accompanying documentation, and software code (in cases where the raw data have been processed or manipulated) for re-use and analysis in such a manner that they can be discovered on the Web and referred to in a unique and persistent way. Data publishing occurs via dedicated data repositories and/or (data) journals which ensure that the published research objects are well documented, curated, archived for the long term, interoperable, citable, quality assured and discoverable – all aspects of data publishing that are important for future reuse of data by third party end-users.REFERENCE. Bloom T, Dallmeier-Tiessen* S, Murphy* F, Austin CC, Whyte A, Tedds J, Nurnberger A, Raymond L, Stockhause M, Vardigan M (2015 Preprint). Workflows for Research Data Publishing: Models and Key Components. International Journal on Digital Libraries, Research Data Publishing Special Issue. 27 pages, June 30, 2015. Bechhofer, Sean, et al. “Why linked data is not enough for scientists.” Future Generation Computer Systems 29.2 (2013): 599-611.