Data quality review

A process that assesses the quality of data and provides sufficient information to allow users and to readily evaluate the “fitness for purpose” of the data or derived product. The results of the data quality review should provide users and potential users with capabilities to determine the applicability of a data product or service for a particular purpose.

Data quality reviews should occur against specified criteria at multiple points along the data life cycle. For example:

  • The data provider should conduct a data quality review as part of the QA/QC process prior to releasing the data;
  • A data quality review should be conducted to provide feedback to the data provider on what s/he needs to do to improve the quality of the data, corrections, provision of deep metadata, etc., before the data can be released to the data user or accepted into a data repository;
  • Each end-user should conduct a data quality review to assess the fitness of the data for the intended purpose.