Data steward

Data stewardship is a shared responsibility between Principal Investigators and data stewards. Principal Investigators are responsible for, and data stewards provide support for: (a) Data collection, data integration, or reuse of existing data; (b) Review of data quality; (c) Description of scientific workflow/process; (d) Provision of standards-compliant metadata; and, (e) Submission of data and data productions. Data stewards are responsible for, and Principle Investigators are consulted and informed on: (a) Preservation of data and data products; and, (b) Provision of formats (e.g., web services, NetCDF, etc.) for data discovery and integration. In addition, Principal Investigators are also responsible for data citation, as appropriate, when preparing documentation, reports, or references. RELATED TERM. Principal Investigator; Data custodianship; Data citationA data steward manages and oversees an organization’s data assets to provide data users with high quality data that are easily accessible in a consistent manner. While data governance generally focuses on high-level policies and procedures, data stewardship focuses on tactical coordination and implementation. A data steward is responsible for carrying out data usage and security policies as determined through enterprise data governance initiatives, acting as a liaison between the IT department and the business side of an organization. An effective data steward maintains agreed-upon data definitions and formats, identifies data quality issues and ensures that business users adhere to specified standards. An organization may use a data stewardship program as part of its overall data lifecycle management effort and/or to help with data quality improvement projects. A data steward collaborates with Principal Investigators, data custodians, data architects, business intelligence developers, extract, transform and load (ETL) designers, business data owners, and others to uphold data consistency and data quality metrics. Data quality tools, including data profiling software, are key technology components of many data stewardship programs. REFERENCE.