Engineering and scientific support

A technical service involved in the performance, inspection and leadership of skilled technical activities.Examples include the: (a) Planning, design and making of maps, charts, drawings, illustrations and art work; (b) Design of three-dimensional exhibits or displays within a predetermined budget and pre-selected theme; (c) Conduct of analytical, experimental or investigative activities in the natural, physical and applied sciences; the preparation, inspection, measurement and analysis of biological, chemical and physical substances and materials; the design, construction, modification and assessment of technical systems and equipment or the calibration, maintenance and operation of instruments and apparatus used for these purposes; and the observation, calculation, recording and the interpretation, presentation and reporting of results of tests or analyses, including the: (i) performance of activities involving the application of the principles, methods, and techniques of engineering technology and a practical knowledge of the construction, application, properties, operation and limitations of engineering or surveying systems, processes, structures, buildings or materials, and machines or devices; (ii) planning of approaches, the development or selection and application of methods and techniques, including computer software, to conduct analytical, experimental or investigative activities; the evaluation and interpretation of results; and the preparation of technical reports; (iii) observation and recording of events and the analysis of information relating to such fields as meteorology, hydrography, or oceanography and the presentation of the results of such studies; and the provision of data and information relating to meteorology; (iv) monitoring and investigating of environmental hazards or the provision of advice on those issues impacting upon compliance with public health legislation; and, (v) design, development or application of tests, procedures and techniques in support of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human and animal diseases and physical conditions; (d) Application of statutes, regulations and standards affecting agricultural, fishery and forestry products; (e) Capture and development of images involving the operation and use of cameras, accessories and photographic processing and reproduction equipment; (f) Operation of television cameras and video recording systems and equipment; (g) Inspection and evaluation of quality assurance systems, processes, equipment, products, materials and associated components including electronic equipment used in trade measurement; the development, recommendation or enforcement of statutes, regulations, standards, specifications or quality assurance policies, procedures and techniques; and the investigation of accidents, defects and/or disputes; (h) Construction and repair of prostheses and orthoses; (i) Writing of standards, specifications, procedures or manuals related to the above activities; (j) Performance of other technical functions not included above; and, (k) Planning, development and conduct of training in, or the leadership of, any of the above activities.