Managing research

In the context of a researcher’s activities, Managing research is the processes related to the planning, organizing, setting objectives, controlling and evaluating of RDA activities and their associated human and financial resources. It includes the provision of leadership to, and assessment of, other scientists, engineers, technologists, and/or other staff. Managing research is one of the three research contexts in which a researcher is expected to conduct his/her activities. Managing research is distinct from the position-based role of a research manager. RELATED TERM. Research context; Research manager; Program manager; Laboratory manager; ManagerREFERENCE. Government of Canada (2006) Model guide for the preparation of researchers’ career advancement (promotion) documentation ; Government of Canada (2006) Career progression management framework for federal researchers ; Government of Canada (2006) NRCan Model Guide for the Preparation of Researcher√≠s Career Progression Evaluation Documentation (Dossier)