Research, development and analysis

In the context of a researcher’s activities, “Research, development and analysis (RDA)” is the systematic investigative process of inquiry, including development, testing and analysis in order to discover, interpret or analyze facts, events, or behaviours, to develop and revise theories, or to make practical applications with the help of such facts, laws or theories designed to develop or contribute to knowledge. RDA is one of the three research contexts in which a researcher is expected to conduct his/her activities. SYNONYM. RDA RELATED TERM. Research context; Scientific method; Research and developmentREFERENCE. Government of Canada (2006) Model guide for the preparation of researchers’ career advancement (promotion) documentation ; Government of Canada (2006) Career progression management framework for federal researchers ; Government of Canada (2006) NRCan Model Guide for the Preparation of Researcher√≠s Career Progression Evaluation Documentation (Dossier)