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Changing how information is collected and communicated in the research community

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We are trying to advance a new way of solving an old and persistent problem. There are three components:

  1. THE INFORMATION - We focus on all that information that is collected and communicated for management purposes by research funders, institutions, publishers and others. This includes CVs, funding applications, progress reports, articles, data management plans, financial, compliance, evaluation and impact information.
  2. THE PROBLEM - The same information is collected in many different ways by many different funders and other stakeholders. The endless rekeying is a productivity drain on researchers and their teams. Further, this fragmented and inconsistent information cannot be communicated to stakeholders in a useful or comparable way.
  3. THE SOLUTION - Consolidate this information complexity into a common set of modular documents - think lego blocks.  Researchers can control and reuse these documents when responding to information requests and they can also be used as common formats for information communication.

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